An inflation rate that stayed above 6% and peaked at 9% for the period of October 2021 through February of 2023 has now dropped back down to less than 4% since last summer.  The Consumer Price Index is saying 3.2% for the last 12 months.  In light of these numbers, hopefully gone are the days of 10%+ price increases year over year like we saw during COVID.  However, the median home price in Jackson Hole is still north of $3M!  Average price to rent a bedroom is $1,500/mo.  A gallon of milk is still crazy expensive!  Even though nationwide inflation numbers are softening, to be a worker and make it in Jackson Hole is still very difficult.  For this reason we must remain vigilant about our pricing so we can walk the fine line between paying liveable wages to our staff while providing competitive pricing with excellent service.  Success on that fine line requires innovation, creativity and strong leadership.  I’m happy to announce that we are innovating and will not be imposing price increases across the board.  Instead we will be adjusting how we price certain services.

                                Monthly 12-month inflation rate in the United States from February 2020 to February 2024


Spring Cleanups:

We received a lot of feedback last year on the cost of spring cleanups.  This year I’m hoping to be more proactive communicating how we charge for and what is included in a spring cleanup.

‘Spring Cleanup’ focuses on the maintained lawn areas of your property.  Due to the uncontrollable variability of the condition of a lawn post-winter we don’t charge a flat rate for lawn spring cleanups.  Instead we charge an hourly rate per man hour plus applicable dump charges.  In a year when the vole damage, tree limbs or leftover leaves from the previous fall are extensive it will take much longer for the crews to complete the service and the cost will be higher, as was the case last spring b/c of the massive amount of vole damage.  After a light winter when damage is minor, and if we were able to clean up the leaves the previous fall, the cost of the lawn spring cleanup is much lower.  As a rule of thumb $30-$40/1000 square of lawn area is a good budget.  So for a typical 1/2 acre Melody Ranch Home with a 15,000 sq. ft. lawn, normal costs for the spring cleanup would range from $450-600.  I anticipate this spring to land somewhere in the middle of that range for most parts of the valley.

A lawn Spring Cleanup service includes Blowing the walkways, power raking the thatch using spring tine attachments on the riding mowers, picking up the thatch while simultaneously mowing the lawn and removing winter debris, dog poop, branches, leaves and other rubbish to leave a clean and tidy lawn that will green up faster because the rays of spring sunshine are reaching the soil surface.  If you would like additional areas cleaned such as the garden beds, natural grass areas or mulch beds we can accommodate with different crews, just please call us first to make sure we can get it scheduled.

Weekly Mowing:

Following a strategic decision to switch our mowers to a mulching model, check out the full description here, we will not be increasing prices for mowing this season.  We believe this decision is better for the environment, provides an excellent quality product, and allows us to add value back to our clients.  If you would like to continue having your lawn maintained using a clipping collection system we can accommodate you with a price increase of 10%, please call and let us know.

Hauling away mountains of grass clippings is a thing of the past thanks to modern mulching mowers.

Tree Spraying:

Formerly, most of our pest control applications for trees were charged a flat fee based on the number and size of trees sprayed.  As time goes by however, trees get bigger and require more product to be applied, or trees die and are removed, or more trees are planted…meaning it’s a dynamic service that changes every year.  It would be difficult to adjust the pricing for every client property every year.  Instead of a flat fee, we will now be charging for tree applications based on gallons used with $50 stop charge.

Another big change that will add value to your maintenance plan has to do with how we spray Spruce trees.  We treat for two different insect pests in Spruce trees.  Formerly we made two separate applications because the timing of vulnerability of the insects are slightly different.  This year we are going to attempt to combine the two treatments into one stop during the dates when vulnerability overlap.  Early treatment dates and late treatment dates will still require two applications, and that will depend on where you are located in the valley.

What all this means to you is that in most cases your pest control applications will cost less money.  Only in cases where there are more trees or they are vastly bigger will it cost more.  We will charge in this same format for noxious weed spraying, and deep root tree fertilization.

Fall Cleanup:

Similar to the Spring Cleanup service our Fall Cleanup Service focuses on cleaning up the lawn areas to prepare them for winter.  Our crews will blow leaves away from the house, walkways, and decks then mow the lawn grinding up the leaves into fine mulch.  We charge hourly for this service and usually make 2-3 fall cleanup visits throughout October to keep up with the leaves as they fall.  We are encouraging all homeowners to leave as many leaves as possible on property taking advantage of the added organic benefit of ground-

up leaves.  Buckrail posted a great article here last fall explaining the numerous benefits of mulching the leaves on site vs. hauling to the landfill.  We will default to this service unless we hear from you that you’d like to continue to collect and remove the leaves.  In lawns where the leaves are too numerous to grind up and leave as a topdressing on the lawn (where they are smothering the turf) we will do a hybrid of grinding some and hauling away what is needed to still leave a tidy as possible space when we’re done.

In Wyoming, Wyoming Public Media recommends homeowners shred leaves with a mower and spread them in a thin layer, thin enough to still allow grass to photosynthesize, across a lawn to give the grass free vitamins. Remaining leaves can be piled around trees and shrubs in piles three to six inches deep.

Every year, adjusting our pricing is something we take seriously.  Balancing the need to cover expenses and retain employees with providing competitive pricing and excellent service to our clients, we will pass on whatever savings we can generate internally to add value to you.  We are committed to protecting the natural resources in Jackson Hole and will not recommend a service we don’t feel is necessary or enhances your landscape and natural resources.  If you have any questions at all about your pricing or schedule of services, we’d be happy to talk to you.  Call us today!